Why Beer Mats are still as Popular as ever

Some of us shuffle a small stack of them like a pack of cards, some of us spin them between our fingers, some of us even collect them. Most of us have used them for the purpose they were intended and more than one of us has used them to prop up the odd wonky chair or table! There are round ones, square ones, small ones and large ones. But whatever you do with them and whatever shape or size they are, we all notice a beer mat.

The humble beer mat has been around for decades, and some believe it was introduced to the UK as far back as the early 1900s. Yet it remains an important tool to the bar and restaurant trade to this day, not only soaking up stray drips and spillages and so protecting tables and bar tops, but also as a way of putting your brand right under your client’s nose.

Whether you simply use them to display your logo, change them regularly to include specific promotions and events or put them to work as a tool to increase your social media following, beer mats are still one of the most cost-effective methods to get key marketing messages across to your audience. When statistics show a single coaster is seen by an average of four customers, you can be sure that your brand and services are being noticed.

How Can Barspot Help?

Barspot is an independent design and product supply agency focused within the hospitality & leisure industry. We can provide a range of services from straightforward printing of your logo and copy onto a standard size mat, to full service design and customisation options. We already work with some of the UK’s most well-known bar chains as well as independents, so you can be sure we know our stuff. Contact us today to find out more.